Tuesday, January 24, 2012

What a long time...

It has been quite a while since I've posted on this blog.  Since the last time I wrote a lot has changed, but not my love for the furr kids.  Phantom and Gemma are doing well, and are as always, the best pups ever.  Gypsy and Flo (when she bites she is Flozilla!) are happy cats.

I've got a new story which should have been out before the holidays, but I'm in a program specializing in Intellectual Property so I had exams, and ran out of time for editing, so it will be out before December 2012.  We are revamping the Case of the Sad Flag and also my web site, although with classes and work, I'm not too sure when that will happen.

Just wanted to stop by and greet everyone, lots of new friends, human and four pawed in our lives.

Lots of class reading but in between have enjoyed some cozy mysteries, Shattered Souls by Mary Lindsey (A great YA paranormal), and lots of books on copyright, and all things geeky legal.

Take good care,  from all of us in Houston.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Puppy Love...Kitties too!

They aren't really "puppies" but they are in my heart.  Phantom is a bit over five, Gemma is just over 2.  But they are our pups.  It has been a busy weekend for us.  Friday we were off with the "snow day" that wasn't.  I was disappointed because of course I had camera ready to take photos of the pups and cats in the snow. Flo, our Norwegian Forest Cat was ready to show us all how to walk in snow.  But alas, we got nothing. So we all stayed inside, read, and snoozed until the night when Monty made a toasty fire in the outdoor grill (thank you Target after season sale!).  Today in between chores (or to avoid chores, take your pick) I decided that a friend was right (yes Evelyn...you) and my photos were really out of date.  So we went outside (after being in the 20's on Friday we were a balmy 72 degrees) and take some photos for my website, here, and whatever was needed.

In the process got photos of the pups. The cats refused to come out and vogue with us.  Something about paparazzi and waiting for Lady GaGa..  If they disappear when she is here on tour I will know what happened.  Jessica, if you go to the concert and see Gypsy and Flo up on the ropes, let me know ok?

But not so the pups.  After all they are indeed far more photogenic than I!  Did we get photos of them, a few. And in doing so remembered what great pups we have, loving, cute and quite adorable when they want to be.  In some of my shots you can see in the background torn up dog toys, a nice bright tennis ball, and even some of my socks which explains a few things.  And no Gemma, it is not the dryer's fault this time!

We love them.  Dog hair, cat hair, buying treats as if it is a national emergency when they are almost out (and believe me, given the addiction status, it well could be), but nothing is better than coming home to the wagging tails and the rush to the door. Oh wait, is it me they want to see or just that I have opposable thumbs and can open the treat bags? I like to think its me, while I open the bag of treats and toss them out.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Starting Somewhere

True enough I like to talk, anyone that knows me will tell you that.  What most don't realize is that I listen.  Often more than they realize because they don't. 

So when blogging started it was not something that called to me. I really didn't want to share. No really.  You'd think I'd be first up at bat, wanting to tell the world everything. But I came to the whole social network and blogging thing slowly, and still reluctantly.  The thing that got me here is that I realized I could talk about the furr kids ad nauseam and no one could stop me.

Hah- now that could be fun. At least for me.  And face it, you can go off and read someone else's blog, and I won't know it.  That is ok. Better than realizing people have tuned you out and are already talking about some other subject, which happens.

But since this is the primo event start up blogola, (Well I did try another one but it was so not happening for me) I guess I should say that I have a new book out! A short book- maybe a big short story, or a small little book. It is a children's story, mostly juvenile but adults seem to like it.

It started out back in 2001, I wrote it after 9/11.  At that time I was living in Mount Vernon, just outside New York City.  This was a way of letting out my own emotions, a story with the dogs and such.  At that time I had Ritz,a magnificent and really tall German Shepherd with these huge ears and Cheyenne who was younger and still quite goofy.  They'd already been featured in other stories that I wrote mainly for myself and friends, so they showed up in this one too.

Flash forward about a year and half ago. I'd been sick with both sarcoidosis (which really showed itself for the first time soon after going to the City after the attacks btw) and a knee problem.  A friend, Evelyn,  from work said, why don't you reprise that story for the tenth anniversary of 9/11.  Slowly I did.  After knee replacement I went to the local wonderful SCBWI conference last April and got it critiqued. Learned a lot, sent it off,  learned more and while it had a lot of compliments, it didn't get picked up. Wrong time, not news. But it seemed to me that this was a good time, with the 9/11 memorial being commemorated this next September.  This is a gentle story,talking about what happened through the eyes of Cheyenne mostly, a pup, who is frightened and scared, but also brave in her own way.

So with the help of friends like Leigh, Jessica who critiqued, and the wonderful Cherri Galbiatti who helped me get it on Amazon Kindle (Cherri is a wonderful writer and also a German Shepherd Mom) and of course with the help of that handsome geek hubby of mine Monty, the book is now on Kindle for 99 cents.  You see, it was always about having the story out there for people to read, to be told to children.  It is the story of my heart, and these two dogs, who were my loves.

Of course now in our home we have Phantom and Gemma Lou, both rescue GSDs, and also the cats Gypsy Rose Lee and Florence of Arabia. I'll post their photos as I talk about them here. And believe me I will talk about them.

If you want to check out the story please go to Amazon and download the Kindle book, you won't be disappointed.  We are hoping to do a podcast also soon, to have some fun and with the hopes that it will make it even more special. And please, never forget.

The dogs are outside with Monty, it has gotten a bit warmer here in Houston this evening.  The cats though are inside with me.  Gypsy is in her new 'condominium' which is actually one of my pj cubes and Flo is on Monty's pillow snoring.  Yes Flo, you snore.  I've got some new stories I'm writing, including a young adult paranormal that is very Italian!

Let me know how you like The Case of the Sad Flag.  And keep coming around to chat. I'd love to get some new friends here, and have some fun.  Until then,